+ Cheaper walls and turrets
+ Low building cooldown

- Very long merging delay
- Can split less


+ Better speed
+ Merge faster, split more
- Poor builder
- Vulnerable to poison


+ Firing is more powerful
+ Resistance to poison fire
+ Good firing range

- Slow
- Max split decreased and greater merger delay


+ Firing is extremely powerful
+ Slight building bonuses
+ Slightly faster

- Very short firing range
- Max split decreased and greater merger delay


+ Lay mines ( S key -50 mass)
+ Invulnerable to mines and detect them

- Poor builder
- Split less
- Vulnerable to poison
- Weak poison

x W - Feed Wall/Player
X - Fire at Wall/Player
C - Build Wall
V - Remove Wall
B - Build Turret on fully upgraded wall

GOAL : control 75% of the map production (tiles and factories)



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  • Control 75% of the total production


  • Eat food and other players in order to grow your character
  • Convert tiles to generate more food/second. You can convert a tiles by hovering your cell over an unconverted tile
  • A player's mass is the number of food eaten and generated through converted tiles, mass can be used to buy upgrades, build wall, grow bigger
  • Fire poison to weaken your enemy or destroy his walls or fire food to feed him or improve your wall.


  • W or Z : Fire food
  • X : Fire poison to damage your enemy
  • C : Build a wall (hover your mouse on the desired converted tile and press C)
  • B : Build a tower on a fully upgraded wall
  • V : Destroy your own wall (get a refund)
  • S : Lay a mine (minelayers only)
  • Space : split

More tips

  • You cannot convert tiles or fire while splitted

Changelog - Development plan - Known Bugs
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